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How to apply Redesign with Prima transfer

How to apply Redesign with Prima transfer

Redesign with Prima  Transfer pointers! 

 I wanted to give you some highlight suggestions with these amazing transfers!  Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions! There is also a facebook group redesign with prima that has inspirational ideas you might like! 

  • Remove the white backing before you start rubbing it on. It seems simple but many of us have gotten so excited and forgot! Also remember that typically these transfers stick quickly and can not be moved. So make sure they are in the right place before you remove the backing and place it down.
  • Always seal your transfers after they are on your projects(except in the case of glass /mirrors). I recommend Wise Owl wax, Wise Owl Salve (you might have a sample of it in your box!) or another water based poly. It is fine to seal with wax. Rubbing wax on will not hurt your transfers. Don’t use oil based poly to seal. When poly is recommended for sealing it is water based poly. Transfers do not like oil based products. I have seen issues with gator hide by dixie bell, so please use that at your own risk. 
  • Glass windows or mirrors do not need to be sealed. You can wash the glass with water and a damp micro-fiber cloth made for glass. Do not use chemicals to wash the glass. 
  • Wait at least 24 hours after painting to apply the transfer
  • Make sure the piece is clean. Keep in mind if there is any cleaner residue it may stick to the transfer making it impossible to then stick to your project. 
  • If there is any possibility that dust and/or dust from sanding could of gotten on your project the dust will stick to transfer making it impossible to stick to your project. Also make sure your transfers are stored at all times in the tube with the lids on so they can not get dusty. 
  • Transfers will not adhere to wax. Wax after to seal not before... Wax that is cured can be okay to adhere to but not always because it depends on the wax that was used and when it was applied.  
  • Make sure to rub the whole transfer over with the tool that came with it. I also go the extra step and Take a rag and press over the whole transfer to make sure it has 100% adhered in all the spots and is not lifting anywhere. 

Recommended Sealers by redesign retailers

Dixie Belle: I am also a retailer for this brand :-) 

Clear Coat in Satin or Flat


Annie Sloan:

Clear Wax

Artisan Enhancements:

Clear Finish 

Fusion: I am also a retailer for this brand :-) 

Waxes-Clear and Colored



Stain and Finishing Oil 

General Finishes: I am also a retailer for this brand :-) 

High Performance Top Coat 



Plaster Paint Co.:

Paste Wax

Superior Top Coat

Modern Masters:

Dead Flat Varnish

Wise Owl:- I am also a retailer for this brand :-) 

Synthesis Paint Varnish-Matte or Satin


Miss Mustard Seed:

Tough Coat 


Matte Spray

Matte Topcoat Sealer

Vintage Market and Design:

Semi Gloss Sealer

Kristi Kuehl Pure Home Paints:

Pure Bond Resin Epoxy

Real Milk Paint Company:

Dead Flat Finishing Cream

Sweet Pickins:


DIY Paint:


Big Top

FAT Paint:


Paint Couture: I am also a retailer for them :-) 

Any of their top coats

Junk Monkey Paint: I am also a retailer for them:-) 

Any of their top coats 


Hope this helps a little! I know the directions that came with it do not tell the whole story :-). Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. You can reach me at any of the methods on my business card! 


Thank you again for supporting my small business!! 


Heather Soman

Canterbury Creative





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