Cling On Brush - Angled (P) Brush Series - P16, P20, P24

Product Description
Cling on Brushes "P-Angled series" Buy the bundle or just one!

P16 Small Angled
Diameter .6" diameter
Bristle length 1.75
Handle 9.5"

P20 Medium Angled
.75" diameter
Bristle length 1.75"
Handle 9.75

P24 Large Angled
1" diameter
Bristle length 2.25
Handle 9.5"

Cling On! brushes are the favorite brush among furniture painters. They offer superior application, resistant to shedding, and smooth finishing. Featuring premium synthetic filaments, beech wood painted handle, fully locked in epoxy cement to eliminate shedding, and a stainless steel ferrule.

Hand made in Holland, Cling On! is designed for all waterborne materials. Brushes are available in round, oval, flat, block and angled styles.

-Keep string intact on round and oval styles. They are designed to preserve brush shape and are durable enough to with-stand brush cleaning.

-Before using, let your brush "get its feet wet". Allow the tips of the bristles to suspend in water. Wring out lightly before use or twirl between your hands to remove most of the water. While painting, (especially if painting outside or in a very dry environment, it may be beneficial to dip the tips in a little water to keep the paint from drying on the bristles and to produce the smoothest finish.

-Cling Ons are designed to be used and stored wet. This feature contributes to the brush stroke free and flawless finish. This also prevents paint from drying on, and damaging your bristles. Life expectancy of a Cling On brush surpasses other brushes for this reason.

-When not in use, return the brush filaments to water (just the tips), do not saturate the head or handle of your brush in water. Allowing the bristles to rest on the bottom of container can disfigure them, so suspend them in the water. Start by using a jar with enough water to suspend the bottom of tips in, and a clip to hold the handle so that the tips keep from resting of the bottom of your container. (I use 2 clothes pins to suspend in water about 1" up the bristles.)

-When you are finished painting, rinse with water and then return your brush to your brush holder to let the tips suspend in water, and any residual paint will just slide off of the bristles. A light rinse before use may be necessary and make sure to change out your water as needed. If necessary, soap and water cleanup is acceptable if paint has been allowed to dry on your bristles.

Your ClingOn! brush will always be your 'go to' brush!
Maximum quantity available reached.

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